Facts and Precautions - Lemonade Diet   
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The master Cleanse diet is also known as maple syrup diet and it is considered as one of the safest and fastest slimming formulas. Various people including some big celebrities have benefitted from this dieting program that lasts between 10 to 40 days.

Lemonade Diet

Master cleanse detoxification diet is also called as lemonade diet and maple syrup diet. It is a liquid dieting formula that involves the intake of special liquid foods, which eventually results into weight loss. However these days various supplements have also come up in the markets that offer this magic recipe in the form of capsules and pills. These are equally as effective as the original liquid diet is. This liquid diet formula was formed almost 50 years ago and it was treated as a detoxification process then. Gradually this detoxification process became famous as a successful dieting formula.

Lemonade Cleanse Diet

The lemonade cleanse diet involves the intake of sole lemon juice in water (mixed with some other ingredients). The detoxification properties of lemon are not un-known to the world. When this diet is consumed for a span of minimum 10 days, all the toxins are flushed away from the body. This results in a balanced PH value and also offers various other benefits. The most obvious benefit amongst all the other benefits is tremendous weight reduction. A slim and a fitter body can easily be obtained by strictly following this liquid diet formula.

Lemonade Diet Recipe

The lemonade diet recipe is very simple to be learnt and made at home. In fact if you plan not to consume the lemonade supplements, it is recommended that you make the lemonade diet at home. This simple recipe involves mixing two table spoons of maple syrup and lemon juice each in ten oz of water. Add 1/10th tablespoon of cayenne pepper to it and stir the mixture well. The water can be cold as well as warm. However, cold water is more effective. This completes the Master cleanse recipe. You must drink it immediately after you make it in order to maintain its goodness and freshness both.

Once consumed, the master syrup gets readily absorbed in the body and intensely starts the detoxification process. Alongside the detoxification process, it helps in weight reduction by helping the body burn the excessive fat that is deposited in the form of glycogen in the adipose tissues. This happens because eventually upon the consumption of this liquid diet, the calorie intake of the body reduces. In order to fulfill the energy requirements the body finally starts utilizing the stored fat to burn calories and release energy. This helps in drastic weight reduction. Thus, alongside detoxification, the body gets back into shape as well.

The most significant benefit of choosing this weight reduction dieting plan is that it does not reduces the body weight by decreasing the water level in the body. This is more evident, as this is a liquid diet formula that requires the consumption of water in large amounts during the complete duration of the program. Yet some other benefits include increased immunity in the body, younger looking skin, and healthy hair with no splits, reduced swelling in the joints, better digestion, reduced risk of kidney failures, immunity against liver and pancreas related problems etc. However, one significant benefit amongst the above-mentioned benefits is that the maple syrup programs offers anti-ageing benefit too. Thus women can enjoy dual benefits. One benefit is of getting a slimmer and a leaner figure and the other is of getting a younger looking and a glowing skin.

Facts and Precautions during Diet

The first and the foremost thing that you must keep in mind is that this is a strict liquid diet formula. Thus, you must refrain yourself from eating anything for a minimum span of ten days. In case you feel hungry in between; you can drink other products like mint tea. Secondly, you must make sure that though this liquid diet formula recommends the intake of bulk amount of water; however the consumption should never exceed the intake of maple syrup.
There are some other precautions as well, that you must take in order to make the lemonade detox diet work for yourself. The first precaution is that you should never refrigerate the lemons that you plan to use in order to make your cup of lemonade. Lemons contain some natural ingredients that can be nullified due to refrigeration. Therefore you should use fresh and non-refrigerated lemons. In fact, the usage of ripe and non-refrigerated lemons is the best way out to prepare master cleanse diet. Yet one more thing that you must be careful about is the quality of the water. The purer the water would be; the more would be the effectiveness of the recipe throughout the program.

In fact there are various other precautions that the diabetic people must take, in order to ensure that their blood sugar level is always under control. The recipe is however the same, but for the first few days the diabetic people should use molasses instead of maple syrup. After few days of consumption of this recipe, they can make a switch to the original recipe. The use of molasses is because molasses helps in insulin production and insulin keeps the sugar level under control. All the above mentioned precautions and tips can help you in reducing your weight without keeping your health at risk.
In order to know the results more closely, you must have a look at the genuine lemonade diet reviews. The diet, according to its users is a hundred percent safe, easiest, fastest and surest way of shelling out the excessive fat layers from the body. Not only the reviews of common men and women are encouraging; in fact the comments from the celebrities like Beyoncé are highly positive. According to Beyoncé, she reduced 20 pounds of weight in order to meet the demand of the script for her movie dream girls via the aid of this special dieting formula. In fact some of the lemonade supplements like lemonade pills help in approximately 80 to 90 pounds of weight reduction.
The comments like Its glad to fit back in my own old jeans and I feel life has started loving me once again are encouraging enough. In order to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits, you must click on the link mentioned at the end. It will cruise you through the most effective lemonade recipes and will also offer the various lemonade supplements online. Thus, in order to enjoy the beauty of a slimmer and a prettier life, you must take an aid of the lemonade diet.